The Top 8 Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools can make growing your list, scaling your business, and increasing the size of your wallet a whole lot easier. Some of these tools automate processes that encourage subscribers to book your next strategy session or purchase your online program or buy a product on your e-commerce store. It’s powerful stuff. I don’t want you to miss out on the insanely cool results that email marketing can bring when done strategically and led by value for the subscriber.

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So you don’t have to worry about missing out I put a pretty stellar list together for you that you can use as a resource.

1 | ConvertKit

ConvertKit is one of my absolute favorite tools for email marketing. With ConvertKit, I’m able to segment my audience, tag subscribers based on interest and behavior, create sales funnels, and automate most of the processes. It’s amazing. If you would like to try ConvertKit for a whole month for free click here to get set up. It only takes a few minutes and then you’ll be ready to start creating the magic.

2 | Leadpages

Leadpages is specifically for creating high converting landing pages which is perfect for getting more emails onto a list, especially if you are running paid advertising because you want to make sure your conversion rate is as high as possible. I have used Leadpages for the past two years and absolutely love how much time I save and how high my conversion rates are on opt-in pages and webinar registration pages!

3 | Sumo

The free version has their logo on it but hey, it’s free and this tool really helps you build your list quicker! Check out Sumo by clicking here.

4 | Hello bar

If not Hello Bar, then some type of bar that is at the top of your website that has an email sign-up! For me, I use my bar to promote the Market Beautifully podcast but I used to push my freebies through some sort of bar at the top of my site. Definitely look into the different options here because there are plenty!

5 | Rapidology

You have to download this free WordPress plugin by clicking here. This is a pop-up, opt-in creator from LeadPages and it is 100% free which is exciting because anything LeadPages does is freaking fantastic.

6 | Drip

Drip was bought out by Leadpages a year or so ago as of the time this blog post was written and it makes email marketing pretty simple especially if you use the Leadpages software for your business! This deals with a lot of marketing automation but I love the marketing automation that ConvertKit has and it’s at a lower price point. I mean, my favorite t-shirt is actually from ConvertKit so you know I’m a little obsessed.

7 | Optimizely

Test any or all pages of your website with Optimizely and they do have a free option! With this data you’ll be able to view visitor segmentation, which pages your audience is spending the majority of their time, etc. and getting these stats are crucial to email sign-ups from your website!

8 | Google Analytics

If you do not already have Google analytics installed on your website then make that your number one priority today because this free tool from Google will really open your eyes to your visitor’s behavior on your site. You can view which pages are the most popular and figure out why to create an opt-in around that topic or simply know which pages to have an opt-in box on. Get creative and use these stats strategically!


Have you ever heard of Glock Apps? It’s a tool that helps you test your emails and points out ways to improve the content so that it does not get sent to the spam folder. How genius. So go take advantage of all the greatness of Glock Apps!

If you currently have an e-mail list and want to turn your subscribers into customers and loyal fans, this free 4-day course is perfect for you. Your business deserves a little automation to be added to it so more will be taken off your plate and making sales will have a system behind it that runs while you sleep or you are taking your kids to ballet class. I also offer a 30 day trial of ConvertKit so if you have considered switching over take advantage of the free month and reach out to me at so we can come up with your strategy to monetize your list immediately!


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